The Next Eight Days. The Cast

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  • Mike Shardon: Former warrant officer with the Parachute Regiment. The owner of Unicorn Security Services and long term friend of Eddie they have served together on many occasions.
  • Sandra: Mike Shardons’ wife.
  • Yvonne: The only woman he has any attachment to she is his long term friend and lover.
  • Peter: Boat mechanic, first met while Eddie was learning to drive and Peter was in the REME when they first met.
  • Sheridan: Lives on the canals has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the waterways.
  • Lt Colonel Truit: Military Liason American Embassy London
  • Doctor Maxwell Oliver Saunders: Retired doctor Living on a Narrowboat in London Somewhere.
  • D.I. Hague: Senior, ranking police officer within the Hampshire Constabulary, based in Aldershot.
  • Lt Gene Quinn: US Ranger Batallion on secondment to the UK
  • Haqqani Khajuri: Escaped from U.S. Custody in Kabul.
  • Dougie Killick: Glaswegian drug dealer, operating in Hampshire and London.
  • Johnson, Napalm, Gibbo, and McKenzie: serving soldiers.
  • Mr Harris and Mr Jones: probably best not to ask, they wouldn’t tell you anyway.