The First Draft

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Earnest Hemmingway is famous for saying:

The first draft of anything is crap.

I am therefore in the company of a great writer, as Mr. Hemmingway and I share the same starting point.

The excitement I felt when I began writing ‘To Kill a Unicorn’ that was the title I gave my work when I started  in no way compares to the dread anticipation of pushing the send button once The Next Eight Days  is ready to go global.

I can remember taking my unfinished English homework into school on a Monday morning and waiting with the heavy stomach  for my work to be returned, usually well decorated with red ink. That was the effect of one man on my work, forty-five years later, but not necessarily wiser.

Maybe my first draft was full of typos and had a tissue-thin plot with unrealistic dialogue. The thing is  no-one will ever  see it.

So I put away the fears and anxiety of what other people might think, and just wrote. The more I wrote the more I began to understand, that self-praise is harder to take than self-criticism.  but you do get used to it in spite of what others might say.



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