Three days after her funeral

Three days after her funeral, Eddie walked into a recruiting office. The examination of his intellect was handled by an overweight recruiting Sergeant, who spouted on endlessly about the history of his county regiment, and what a fine life he had chosen for himself. Two weeks later it was the medical examination. The whole process was completed in less than half an hour by someone in a white coat who counted his teeth and asked him to breathe in and out as they held him by the bollocks as he looked out of the window on his right, and with one good

Two weeks later it was his medical the process was completed in less than half an hour, by someone in a white coat who had survived a personality bypass. His teeth were counted, then told to breathe in and out, and with one good cough, while held by the balls,  he was in the army.

It was just short of a month after he had buried his mother when he picked up his last wage packet, and with whatever belongings he deemed important enough to pack into his small suitcase he walked out of the family home. The acerbic words of his father thundering in his ears about a wasted education and talent and his complete lack of gratitude. Later that same day Eddie boarded a train for Aldershot, his passage through the foundries and mills of the military, system, and his transition into manhood had begun.