grey outlineEddie Stovis survived the troubled streets of Northern Ireland and the Balkans. He built a solid reputation as an intelligence operator in Sierra Leone, during Operation Telic and the second Gulf war. A career soldier, until an Afghan bullet, smashes into his shoulder, bringing an end to twenty-four years of military service.

Retired from military service and living on ‘Bellerophon” a converted barge, living on the Greater London waterways and canal system in quiet anonymity.

On a regular Friday evening, a young security guard is been brutally murdered, on his way home from work. But is not until the Saturday morning when a photograph of a hastily written message from a former girlfriend is sent to his phone.  His best friend has been found in a ditch, almost beaten to death and needs Eddies help.

These two events will bring him back to Aldershot and put him a collision course with the son of an Afghan Warlord, and a Glaswegian Drug dealer.

Eddie Stovis has a survival instinct that was forged in the crucible of war. Now he must use all his skills as a former intelligence operator; he will use the still green waters of the Greater London canals and rivers to hide and protect his friend while he finds out why this happened.

It is during ‘The Next Eight Days’ that Eddie Stovis will bring together the men who will deliver his own personal form of retribution to those responsible.

As the climax is brought into focus, the American military will be compromised into revealing one of their most closely guarded rendition secrets to  British Military Intelligence.

Eddie Stovis is a man with little respect for rank.  He is a man who will get the job done, whatever it is, his way.

The Next Eight Days is the first in a series of Eddie Stovis novels written by an exciting new author, Stephen Bishop.  Who uses real places, some of which will be very familiar to anyone who has served in the British army, taking the reader as close as possible to the events within the story.

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